Good office space can transform your world

The real estate business is proposing new and fresh concepts, especially in the office design, promoting minimalist, creative, effective and efficient spaces.

Current and new trends in the furniture industry

Year after year trends evolve, improve, minimize costs and spaces, understanding that the fashion industry, including furniture, are sectors that are constantly growing according to the needs.

Design in professional development spaces

Office design related to labor needs and external competencies generated by the massive increase in business and new construction spaces, are a set of technological factors with the objective of fulfilling the needs of its employees.

Sustainable spaces: ecological trend

The adoption of the term friendly companies or friendly materials, in a course of time has been a trend in the furniture issue, because the high levels of pollution that society is going through, is an issue to find a solution or at least reduce that index harmful to health.

Coworking, creative spaces

In recent decades, we must highlight the organizational changes that have been taking place ...

World architecture festival for the first time in Lisbon

World architecture festival, una feria anual para los amantes, diseñadores y profesionales en el diseño...