We are a company specialized in the design, concept, and construction of corporate, commercial, and institutional spaces.
We carry out the pre-feasibility of the project from its initial design stage to its execution and development.

We take care of everything in an integral part of a project. We offer customized proposals to the client, and we take the task of understanding where we want to go with our project seriously. Our attention is perhaps our differential value.  More than a client, our purpose will always be to understand a friend and solve his problem by reducing it to complete spaces worthy of good architecture.

Specialized in interior design and corporate architecture (offices) we are capable of offering a full service of suppliers who conceive turnkey projects for their whole development and execution, from the physical and virtual technology elements supply of such as air conditioning equipment, furniture, glass floor to ceiling divisions, fixed furniture and special designs among others.

a word you use every day



You change clothes

you change partner

You change home

but when you want to change your place, when you want to change your space, that's when the word weighs more…


Do not worry, changing is easy with INC

01. You contact us

We meet, we know about your project, and then we know how to address it.

02. We explore posibilities

We research, we connect with your space and needs, we really take the understanding of your project seriously.

03. Then the magic comes up

Together with a design team, we make an interpretation of your space and draw up the site plans, so we can visualize the idea

04. we share it with you

We deliver our proposal, our idea of changing your space. You can understand it through renders, designs, and a budget attached.

05. And get on with it

At the start, we work to make everything as you imagined. We monitor the entire process, from the materials selection to the last details.

06. but it doesn't end there

At the end of the project, we offer a complete after-sales service that guarantees your peace of mind.